Massage Therapy

Massage therapy is more than relaxing and studies prove the physical, and emotional benefits of even a single massage therapy session including Ashiatsu (barefoot), Swedish, trigger point, deep tissue, & hot stone.

Licensed Massage Therapists:
Sarah Rasmussen, Amethyst Camacho
Courtney Browning - "Barefoot Massage" / Ashiatsu Massage


Benefits of Barefoot Massage:
Range of motion and freedom of movement increase.
Myofascial pain caused by trigger points is eliminated.
Goes much deeper than regular massage can.
I can hold the pressure on your muscle much longer which, in turn allows the muscle to relax much more completely.

What is Barefoot Massage? Barefoot Massage, also called Ahiatsu, is a bodywork technique that applies therapeutic pressure that is much deeper than what can be accomplished by simple finger pressure. Although "Ashiatsu" literally means foot (ashi) pressure (atsu) in Japanese, Ashiatsu massage therapy techniques also make use of knees, elbows, and palms where necessary and appropriate. 

How does Barefoot Massage Work?  Treatments typically include stretching, stimulation or sedation of acupressure points/meridians, and structural alignment techniques, using hands, feet, elbows, and arms. The work is effective therapeutically, and clients will often feel the work deeply in their muscles, internal organs, and bones. Barefoot should not hurt, although your muscles may feel sore the next day.

We also offer Relaxation, Deep Tissue, Ashiatsu, Hot Stone and Prenatal, for mothers over 12 weeks pregnant.